Our Mining Farm

Our mining farm

Bc Miners was founded in April 2017 with Bitcoin mining as our first product. During the past year, we continued developing Bc Miners with a clear vision to provide the most profitable mining options for our members.

In December 2017, Bc Miners started to investigating the options of building their own mining farm to reduce the costs and increase the mining profits. As a part of this investigation, Bc Miners came in contact with the owners of an EU-based mining farm.

In 2018, we have partnered with them in order to get co-ownership of the mining farm.

History of mining activities

  • Two of the mining farm co-founders started mining in 2014
  • In August 2014 they started to use GPU mining with single GPU office PCs
  • In September/October 2014 the first RIGs were purchased and build
  • Until 2016 they used house farms in three different EU countries.
  • 2016-2017 several on site custom-build small business farms were build
  • 2017 the new larger scale mining farm project was started and is now build up
  • In February 2018 co-owner negotiations with Bc Mining started

Early RIGs from 2014/2015 with AMD 280x GPU

Each RIG needs 2x750W power supply
To feed all the Graphic Processors and fans

Early RIGs from 2014/2015 with AMD 290x GPU

First double framed – very warm! – RIGs
Moving from four to five GPU – and more fans

Building more RIGs 2015/2016 to fill home farms

First steps to professional frames and labels
Six GPU to boost mining

Building RIGs 2016/2017 in larger racks (semipro)

With new and funky R390x GPU generation
50K in hardware, in a nice RACK

Building RIGs 2017/2018 in modern mining farm style

To current 8x R580 GPU standards
Professional mining farm housing

Building RIGs 2018 on new farm (production)

Stock of parts for new RIGs and repairs
One workplace to build and test

Building RIGs 2018 on new farm (testing room)

Cleaning and updating older RIGs
testing what coin delivers best hashrate

Mining RIGs 2018 on new farm (basement)

Two rows of racks slowly being filled
the outer wall absorbing heat